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thermometer overload


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The Greeks were the forerunner in the invention of the thermometer and over the years, it has become deeply ingrained in the daily lives of people. Starting with the medical field, it slowly spread to other industries like the food and beverage, weather tracking, and so much more. No one would have thought that this simple yet very effective device could help out so many lives and in so many ways.

The thermometer is a tool that measures temperature using different methods or principles.It has two important elements which are the temperature sensor and the scale on the thermometer. The most commonly used before was the mercury version. It was very common to have a mercury thermometer in the medical closet for emergency purposes. Due to the health risk it presented, it is now replaced by nifty digital thermometers that can read temperature faster and easier.

Over the years, more and more innovations can be seen and for different purposes. Today, there are numerous types of thermometer and some of these are digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, wireless thermometers, laser thermometers, glass thermometers, infant thermometers, and so many more. The price ranges and is significantly based on its function and material used, which means, there is a thermometer for everyone`s budget.

Many companies are still into manufacturing and product developing of more efficient and effective thermometers. Undoubtedly, this is an essential tool and could be a determinant of safety and survival of a patient. The most common industries that thermometers play a major role comprise the weather monitoring and tracking, food preparation, food safety, and most importantly, the medical field.

thermometer overload
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